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4 Things You Need to Know About Your Metabolism

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4 Things You Need to Know About Your Metabolism

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4 Things You Need to Know About Your Metabolism

The key to weight loss is changing your metabolism – not eating less and less. Diets only work until your metabolism figures out what you’re up to. Here are four key elements you need to understand about your metabolism:

1. No Two People Respond Identically to the Same Diet
It’s not fair. At MetPro we have the data to PROVE it’s not fair. Bob eats 2,000 calories a day and weighs 300lbs. Julie eats 3,000 calories a day and weighs 125lbs. Fair’s got nothing to do with it.

Being bigger or working harder doesn’t automatically mean your metabolism is faster. We now know there are many more factors that influence your personal metabolic rate. Unlocking your potential begins with identifying where your starting point is at.

2. Your Metabolic Rate is a Moving Target
Ever wonder why your body rarely responds the same way twice on a particular diet? We can explain that too. Your metabolic rate is a moving target that is constantly adapting to your environment. It gets used to anything you do. Timing is critical. Tracking your personal metabolic rate allows us to know the right time to push for more weight loss or when to adjust your program so that it is moving forward at all times.

3. Your Metabolism Regulates to Your Diet and Activity
Your body adapts. This allows you to survive while increasing or decreasing the amount of food you eat. Without managing this response, permanent weight loss is almost impossible. MetPro is designed to provide the up-to-the-minute feedback needed to correctly make decisions about your day-to-day intake and physical activity.

4. Your Body Type Effects How You Respond
Everyone’s body adapts differently to changes in diet and exercise. Ectomorphs acclimate quickest to increases in food intake, making fat loss easier but muscle development hard. Endomorphs acclimate quickest to restricted food intake, making fat loss harder but muscular development easy. Understanding your Metabolic Profile is critical when selecting the right approach. You won’t respond the same way as someone else with different genetics. At MetPro, these differences are considered with every diet adjustment – as well as your exercise strategy.

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