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Our Coaches Guide to Best Products to Fuel Your Run

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Our Coaches Guide to Best Products to Fuel Your Run

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Our Coaches Guide to Best Products to Fuel Your Run

Our coaches have decided to share their marathon-running wisdom with us and put together a list of their favorite running products to keep you fueled on your run and help you recover afterward.

1.Pre-Run Fuel

Whether you’re going for a longer run or looking for a good option on race day, our coaches opt for something simple with a good ratio of carb, protein, and fat.

Expert Tip: “This has a perfect ratio of carb to protein to fat that I am looking for pre-race, you only need water so it works perfectly in your hotel pre-race (or if traveling and doing a long run). This is also what I pack when I travel to races and stay in hotels.”

Favorite pre-run fuel: Picky Oats Single-Serve Oatmeal Cup

2. Fuel

Staying fueled while training or during a competitive race is critical for peak performance. For the moments when you need a little extra fuel in your back pocket, our coaches grab Muir Energy Gels.

Expert Tip: “This is what I use during long runs. It's a small-batch style whole food based gel - all real food ingredients, nothing is artificial or fake.”

Our Favorite Flavor: Passion Fruit Pineapple Banana Flavor

3. Hydration

We all know how important staying hydrated is, but did you know that electrolytes help to regulate your body's water balance? The levels of electrolytes allow the cells in your body to retain the right amount of water. Our coaches recommend integrating Nunn Sport Electrolyte Tablets into your running routine.

Expert Tip: “This is what I use before/during/after long runs. It has recently been reformulated for better absorption of electrolytes and comes with an added caffeine version, perfect for my early morning long runs.”

Our Favorite: Nuun Sport Caffeine Electrolyte Tabs

4. Preventing Injuries

From novice to seasoned runners, preventing injuries is one of the best strategies a runner could adopt. Having proper gear is essential, but also implementing recovery into your training is equally as important.

Expert Tip: “I want to be able to continue running for a long time so injury prevention is huge. Strength training, foam rolling and Chiropractic Care is my secret sauce, and I have learned the hard way. Focus on preventative measures if you want to grow old with the sport.”

Our Favorite: Foam Roller

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