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Like Your Thumbprint, Your Metabolism Is Unique to You

How Metabolic Profiling Came To Be

When Angelo Poli, Founder and Transformation Specialist, first began coaching CEOs, professional athletes and models, he became frustrated that no single dieting strategy worked for every lifestyle. He devised a series of tests, surveys, and assessment tools to evaluate each client to identify the exact diet strategies that would work best for them. Just as all people’s DNA is different, our metabolism and how our bodies respond to macronutrient intake and activity is different. This is why a generalized approach to nutrition and fitness typically does not produce results.

In time, it evolved into Metabolic Profiling – the world's most powerful evaluation-based transformation system.

faces of metpro clients who are executives

We’ve devised a program that fits seamlessly into your demanding lifestyle

The MetPro Advantage

Most popular diets fall short because they lack ongoing evaluation and individualization. The MetPro System takes a different approach. We provide you a system for “periodization” – step-by-step adjustments based on your results from one week to the next.

Designing MetPro with the C-Level in Mind

Our clients are C-level executives who are often in stressful high-pressure roles. They don’t have time for a one size fits all diet that will most likely not work for them. At MetPro, we're not granting wishes or banking on unproven theories -- we're looking for precise data on your metabolism, your genetics, and your results.

We’ve devised a program that fits seamlessly into your demanding lifestyle. MetPro’s concierge service provides meal options and support while you’re traveling or conducting business. The MetPro app allows you to manage your diet and gives you access to countless workouts all from the palm of your hand. As with most successful leaders, you know how to surround yourself with the best advisors available and that is what MetPro provides. The best nutrition and fitness coaches available, along with the technology to make it convenient for you.

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MetPro Transformation*

When David first started on my journey, he weighed in at 351 lbs. While he lost a fair amount of weight over the years, he never found any real consistency and often experienced the dreaded “yo-yo” effect of dieting.

David V. CTO, Operative

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Work With A Team of Industry Experts

Our coaches apply an outside-the-box approach with an unbound attitude towards practical problem solving, resourcefulness, and use of technology. Who in your life challenges you at a level that inspires, motivates, and renews your belief in personal growth? At times unlocking the door is all it takes; other times you may need someone to carry you across the threshold. We are up to the task.

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MetPro Transformation*

At his max, Dan was 260 pounds. It came to a point where he did not believe that he could lose weight. He needed something different, he needed a change once or for all – his health depended on it.

Dan D. CTO,

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How It Works

The MetPro science cracks the metabolic code. We start with a series of assessments, each one designed to uncover details about your personality, genetics, lifestyle, and metabolism. The system scores you into 1 of many unique diet phases that are positively identified as a match for your metabolism. The phase is then customized by your transformation coach to fit your lifestyle like a glove.

A Tailored Approach That Fits Easily into Your Lifestyle

You'll work directly with one of the industry's leading experts in transformations to ensure your program is moving forward at all times. Some people respond to direct calorie adjustments, others display greater sensitivity to carbohydrates -- we don't limit ourselves to just one approach. Each person responds a little differently. It's those differences that MetPro identifies and evaluates for you.

Shortly after beginning a MetPro diet phase, your coach will have objective data --the key ingredient that drives the MetPro system. You either lose weight --or we adjust based on the data to a more restrictive phase. This all begins within 72 hours of starting the program.

MetPro will help you develop a new understanding of your metabolism and the specific steps needed to stay progressive. Our system and our team will provide you with the science to transform.

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Our physical transformations have truly transformed our relationship*

"Our future is brighter than ever before! We’re hoping that we can be role models to not only our kids but also to our friends and family."

Dennis & Andrea L.

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