"Overall I felt healthier, stronger, and was able to eat food! Not having to feel like I was “starving” myself in an attempt to lose weight. MetPro is a totally different scientific philosophy! And it WORKS!!"

Margaret D's Story

Why did you decide to start working with MetPro? What challenges were you experiencing before working with MetPro?
I am pretty fit but always had the “10 lbs to lose”. No matter how little I ate or how well I tried to stick to a diet, I never lost any weight and became very frustrated with my metabolism. I am very active and have run 35 marathons, and completed many triathlons. But I always felt something was missing in my performance. I am 63 years old but more active than I have ever been.

What were your goals when initially starting MetPro? Did your goals change as you experienced the program?
My goal was to lose weight and get leaner. I was training for an Ironman Triathlon distance: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run. (time limit to complete <17 hours). As I participated on the plan, my goal changed to feeling leaner and having more energy for the Ironman endurance event.

Please tell us about your experience working with MetPro and how your transformation came to be. Include any significant ups, downs, hurdles, and milestones. And, tell us about the results you’ve had.
As my MetPro coach said: I was not perfect. I work 50 plus hours a week as well. I never achieved 100% compliance, probably even less than 60% overall. However, I had more energy and endurance and felt leaner than I had in a very long time. I also lost about 7lbs. Everything felt better, looked better and I felt strong! I can only imagine what I could have achieved if I was closer to 100% compliance! My coach taught me how to choose foods and balance the carbs, fats, and proteins. Also, how to adjust and balance them when my workouts ramped up so I had enough energy to complete the workout and recover!

Who was your MetPro coach? And what was your experience like working with them?
Jessee! LOVE her! She was AWESOME! And still motivated me even when I sheepishly had to admit I wasn't the best on the plan. Mostly not eating enough!!

In what ways did your MetPro coach support you and your goals?
She always worked with me and my crazy busy work schedule and life events. She was always positive and enthusiastic!

Beyond achieving your health goals, how else has your experience with MetPro influenced your life?
Overall I felt healthier, stronger and was able to eat food! Not having to feel like I was “starving” myself in an attempt to lose weight. MetPro is a totally different scientific philosophy! And it WORKS!!

What was the most interesting thing you learned about your Metabolism or your body from this experience?
My body is not abnormal in its metabolism. Yes, I am older, and metabolism changes. But I had to learn how to eat! Even though I knew this (I am in the medical field), I still had to learn it and could not have done it without my coach.

What was your favorite part or aspect of MetPro's program? Is there anything specific that helped you to be successful?
I looked forward to my phone consultations with my coach!

What are the biggest lessons you learned from this experience?
My body needs fuel, and the right fuel. I choose better options now and timing as to when to eat.

Would you recommend MetPro? If so, what would you say?
Absolutely, I completed my Ironman event in an amazing time and placed in my age group! I am still in amazement about how well I did and how strong I felt during and even after the event! I owe it all to my nutrition!!

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