"If you put your mind to it, and you have the right program in place, and right people to help you out, you can make real accomplishments and changes in your life."

Melissa and Jarod A's Story

When Melissa first discovered MetPro, she was at the point where she had tried every diet in the book to achieve weight loss. After explaining her story to a MetPro coach, she was soon reassured that MetPro would be different. This time it would be customized to meet her metabolism and goals. She was soon convinced that this would be her ticket to achieving better health. Melissa knew that in order to go all in, she wanted to get her husband Jarod involved, so they could tackle this journey together.

The Whole Lifestyle Package
Melissa’s goal was to lose weight and to change her body composition. “I had lost weight before through other programs, but never focused on weightlifting and exercise – I never had the whole lifestyle package. I think that's an important component for me and really a part of the success I’ve had,” says Melissa.

Melissa’s success has been inspiring. When she first came to MetPro, she was battling a lot of medical issues, and an overall stressful year. Most people might say it would have been impossible for her to meet her goals. With the help of her supportive MetPro coaches, Melissa lost 20+ pounds, dropped 4 dress sizes and feels better than ever! “If you put your mind to it, and you have the right program in place, and right people to help you out, you can make some accomplishments and changes in your life that truly put you on the road for being better. Instead of dealing with the cards you have been dealt,” says Melissa.

Exceeding Weight Loss Goals & Injuries
For her husband Jarod, he used to run marathons and 50-60 miles a week. During that time he never had to worry about his weight – he would eat and drink whatever he wanted. As soon as he injured his knees and had a couple of knee surgeries, he was no longer able to run like he was accustomed to. During this time, life caught up to him. He realized that he couldn't continue down the path he was going down.

Jarod started out with a weight-loss goal of 35 pounds, along with the notion to improve his body composition. Like many people, in the past, Jarod had struggled with being consistent in his efforts to better health. When joining MetPro, he didn’t know what to expect, but through his customized nutrition and fitness strategy, he was able to hit his target weight and surpass any expectations he had. His goals changed and he started working on adding more muscle and heavier weights back into his workouts. “I never thought I would be able to run again. But when you’re able to rework your body, I realized I could run again… I hit my goals, but more importantly, it brought back a hobby that was lost for a couple years.” says Jarod.

Melissa and Jarod were surprised by how much they got out of MetPro so quickly. From using the in-app workouts to building meals that were within their customized meal plan, being able to stay consistent with their goals was easy to do and has made the biggest difference in both of their lives.

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