"It’s been a more comfortable ride than I thought. There are things you have to give up, there is a sacrifice in something like this, but for me, it's just been worth it."

Michael J's Story

When Michael was in college, he was a seasoned athlete and football player. Once he was done with playing football, all of his exercise habits went away, but none of his eating habits went away. Over the course of many years, Michael started to notice that the way he was approaching his diet and exercise didn’t work like it used to. He felt that he was doing the correct things for his body, yet he was still gaining weight. “It was frustrating to me that what once worked for me then didn’t work for me now,” says Michael.

Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle
When Michael looked around and saw people his size, he noticed that there weren't many people his size in their 70’s and 80’s, and he thought to himself that he needed to make a change and lose weight in order to create a lifestyle that he could sustain.

When Michael started with MetPro, he weighed in at 280 pounds. Over the course of a few months, the weight started to come off. For the first time in years, Michael was under 270 and then 260, and he kept thinking ‘I wonder if I could keep going’. So, little by little Michael did. At his lowest, he hit 229 and from there he fluctuated only a few pounds.

Goal Setting & Challenging Yourself
One area that was different about Michael's journey, was that once he hit his goals, he wanted to challenge his body to see what he could do next. First Michael and his MetPro coach focused on leaning out and toning up, then they focused on putting on muscle. “For Michael, it's so much more than how he looks, it's about how he feels. Witnessing how he transformed and changed from a sedentary lifestyle to someone in the gym who is killing it – it's been pretty incredible!” says Stephanie, MetPro Coach, RDN

One component of MetPro that Micheal particularly found most valuable was the daily accountability he received by using the MetPro app. It made it easy for Michael to plan ahead and understand what he needed to do each day to be successful. He looked forward to starting his day by logging his weight, workouts and then receiving feedback from his coaches based on his performance for that day. “The MetPro app is an invaluable part of the entire program, I really enjoyed it and it's easy to use – not hard at all to figure out.” says, Michael.

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