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We live for the subtleties that make achieving results possible.
We follow the data, but coach from the heart.

Highly Qualified Coaching

Our Registered Dietitians maintain active registration with the American Dietetic Association and play an ongoing role in the advancement of our analytics and improvement of our methodology.

Our coaches are diverse with rich backgrounds ranging from life coaching to clinical research. Our team is more than passionate. We’re educated and experienced!

Meet Our Coaches

Our coaches are passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals. Meet a few of them:

Your Support System

Our Coaches are the experts behind the MetPro methodology. They’ll work with you one-on-one, speaking with you on a regular basis to provide accountability, encouragement, and most of all --strategy.

Our coaches will go the extra mile so you have everything you need in your journey to better health and fitness. These individuals are more than experts touting the benefits of oat bran or reminding you to exercise –they’ll become your friend and support you from start to finish.

Hey Jerry, I'm really proud of you. You have all your meals prepped for the week and your adhearance score is at 95%. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Joel! It's becaue of you! The advice you gave me last week really made things click. I feel like a new man and according to my wife I'm starting to look like one.

That's great! With your nutrition dialed in, I'll send you some fitness suggestions. I'll talk with you next week, reach out if you need anything before then.

Strategy Driven by MetPro

Lifestyle changes are never easy, especially with over-generalized guidance. With personalized coaching, a friend and expert holding you accountable, and a strategy driven by MetPro, you can achieve your goals.

Weekly Communication
Speak with your coach by phone or text to discuss your individual data, progress, and answer your questions. Your coach will be able to view your in app analytics in real time and is ready to support you.
Personalized Data
Your coach will analyze your personal data and guide you through each adjustment to your meal plan and fitness strategy to keep you moving toward your goal.
Guidance, Accountability, and Motivation
Your coaches are your support system. From celebrating your successes to helping you work through hurdles – they’re by your side every step of the way.
Through our course lessons and discussions with your coach, you’ll gain a better understanding of your personal metabolism and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


"My nutritionist Natalie was amazing! I already know a lot about Nutrition, but MetPro has changed any preconceived perceptions I may have had."

  View Mary's Story

"Natalie and Kevin who was my fitness coach have been tremendously helpful, she calls regularly and it's a conversation, it's not her dictating to me how to do things."

  View Charlie's Story

"Megan was amazing, she checked in with me every single day to ask how I was feeling and she really was able to walk me through my lows."

  View Anja's Story

"I get a call or a text from Megan three or four times a week and she's very supportive and very positive."

  View Patrice's Story

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